This Weekend’s CowalFest Trail Run

This Weekend’s CowalFest Trail Run

So, today I’ve been thinking about our upcoming run this weekend, the inaugural CowalFest trail run.

CowalFest is a 10 day event which celebrates walking and outdoor activities, and it is held every October. This is the first year where a run has been part of the festivities!

We could choose between the 5K and 10K trail run, and we opted for the 5K, for three two reasons:

1. I’m lazy

2. It’s our first ever, full trail run: we usually do road runs

3. It’s sandwiched between the Great Scottish Run last weekend, and the Zombie Night Run the following weekend.

I’ve visited Benmore Gardens only once before, and it is spectacular. Would you like to see?


The 5K route is a full run of the perimeter of the gardens, and the 10K route is two circuits 🙂

The gardens are famous for their avenue of giant sequoias:

I’m really looking forward to this event!

Here’s a picture of the website- as you can see it’s very well organised, and great value too.

Screenshot (7)

We had quite a lot of rain yesterday, and pretty cold temps today, but the forecast is for dry weather for the rest of the week: it should lead to ideal trail running conditions, I hope!