A Lull

A Lull

The title of today’s post is a little deceptive. I feel like I’ve been completely run off my feet recently: mostly at work, but also in my down time, what with having a wedding to plan!

But that means that my running has taken a back seat this week, and I’m missing it! To be honest, as my training for the Madrid RnR half doesn’t begin properly until early February, this busyness has come at a very convenient time 😉

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I’m excited to share some of the wedding details with you (don’t worry, I’ll warn anyone not interested, so that they can avoid the posts) but it’ll have to wait a few more days. I’m planning on getting the invites out early next week so, all will be revealed after then!

In the mean time, I’m going to head upstairs to the treadmill to say ‘hi!’ to it with a short run. No doubt that after a few minutes I’ll wonder why the heck I was missing it! 😮

How’s your week going? Are you having a busy or a quiet one? Have you missed any workouts?

13 thoughts on “A Lull

  1. I’m still in rest/recovery mode after Dopey. I packed my running clothes today, but we’ve had a nasty windy cold front come through, so I’m taking that as a sign to rest more!

  2. You know, I think it’s normal that sometimes life gets in the way of things, including your running! The main thing is to keep going, even if it’s just very little, and to enjoy what you do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting one area of your life on a backburner while you focus on another, it’s just life really! So don’t feel guilty, and just thinkg about how much more you’ll enjoy it when you can get your teeth into your training for Madrid!

  3. I have gotten two days of workouts in a row, and even my forearms are sore….though that could be due to music videos I was performing:) I hope your run was good, and cheers to day three in a row…..Maybe!

  4. Hi there! Congrats on your wedding planning! I too have taken a bit more of a ‘break’ in 2014 than I planned, but mostly because of the frigid weather. So I will try to make a ‘come back’ since I do want to try hard for a mid-March half. My solution albeit expensive one is to sign up for weekend races to try to get myself to at least do those. This Sunday is going to be a half in 8 degree cold weather…not looking forward but at least I’ll be doing something! Can’t wait to hear your wedding planning details! 😀

  5. I’m thinking of doing the Madrid RnR Half too! I’ve never been to Spain! My only worry is signing up for too many races in the next coming months. But I think if I just run it and not “race” it, I can treat it as a training run for the big marathon. That’s the hope at least!

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