Lists, Lists, Lists

Lists, Lists, Lists

Today has been very productive: we’ve been busy shopping, collecting and arranging bits and pieces for the wedding.

Excel spread sheets and Evernote are my best friends at the moment! 🙂

images (2)

Today, we’ve agreed on a cake, ordered flowers, bought vases, considered jewellery and hair, booked the children’s entertainment, ordered the favours, finished the invites and written the envelopes ready for posting on Monday.

Just a few things checked off the list!

Next, we’re heading for a family dinner, for my mum’s birthday 🙂

It’s also Burn’s Night tonight, when we celebrate the Bard and his poetry. Anyone having haggis, neeps and tatties tonight?

burnsfaqsbanner_Detail Page Image

14 thoughts on “Lists, Lists, Lists

  1. After the word poetry at the end, I haven’t a clue what any of that means! HAHAHA

    OK, I actually know what haggis is, but that’s it. Great job checking A LOT of stuff off your list. That’s very exciting!

  2. I work with a lady from the UK and she made haggis on Saturday. She is going to bring some in for me to try tomorrow. My first haggis.

    Sounds like you got a lot done. Good job.

  3. Now… booked the childrens entertainment?? What is that? THey arent required to watch the service, but get to watch clowns or something similar instead? 🙂 Haggis….I think you have told me in the past what those all….Now I just need to recall it! Im getting excited to hear more, as you near the BIG day!

    1. Lol! The kids will be made to sit through the ceremony, but the speeches and ‘hanging around’ before the meal is soooo bo-ring! So we have someone coming to do circus skills, party games and other fun stuff. I might even join them instead- it’s my day after all!! 😉

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