Metres to Miles in 2014

Metres to Miles in 2014

Evening all: I’m just dropping by with a quick question to all of my super-knowledgeable friends, during my short visit home from Portavadie and before yet another busy weekend. We have our family Secret Santa day tomorrow!

I need a holiday!

Those of you who are fans will have seen that, for Mo Farah, 2014 is about moving from metres to miles.

In 2014, Mo will run a marathon.


Now, the question I have is: can I do the same?

I’ve been eyeing up The Loch Ness Marathon for some time, following some twitter encouragement from @pt_steveb . I must admit, I am seriously tempted. But, can this serial short-distance jogger of 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons step up and do the big one?

45 thoughts on “Metres to Miles in 2014

  1. I know you can. I think if you can run a half, you can prepare and run a full. It isn’t easy, but you will never forget it. Plus the 26.2 on the back if your car makes you feel really good every time you see it. 🙂

      1. Yup! We are again on the same page.

        I said to Warren that if you and I lived closer to each other we would be friends. He asked why and I told him because we have so many things in common. 🙂

  2. Why the heck not?? 🙂
    Check out Jeff Galloway’s training plans for the marathon if you really want to ease into it, or Hal Higdon’s training plans if you feel confident as a runner. I used Hal Higdon – LOVE his plan as you can customize it to your abilities.
    Here’s one of the easier ones, but there’s several iterations of the marathon program on his page.

  3. I’m signed up for my first marathon (and second) this year. Go for it! I’ve only been running since last February and I’m confident I can do the distance (how fast is another story)

  4. I certainly hope so since I’m planning on doing the same! (running my first full marathon in a couple weeks after running a bunch of 5ks up through half marathons)

  5. Of course you can do it 🙂 I’m signing up for my first marathon in 2014, and like you I’ve done a few 5k’s, 10k’s and 2 half marathons so it’s a big step up, but if you give yourself plenty of time (16-20 weeks) and you put in the hard yards to train for it then it’s definitely doable.

  6. Having done my first (and only) marathon last year I say definitely do it. It is a wonderful experience and one that I will never forget. And if you’ve done half marathons it is well within your capablility.

  7. Yes, yes you can! You have a great running base already, and you just need to find the right plan for you 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your training! 🙂

  8. Go for it! The loch Ness marathon looks like fun. If you have done some half’s I think you should be able to train safely for a full. It is intimidating though! And takes much more training time. But it is such an accomplishment. Good luck with your decision!

    1. I do like the sound of rest days, of course! And I do really want to be a Dopey Challenger, too, so maybe I really need to get it done!

  9. Do it! I don’t speak from experience but just from one runner to another. I’m sure it will be hard work and many hours of training, but there is a great reward in the end – to call yourself a marathoner. Good luck!

  10. I’d love to do the Loch Ness as it looks amazing. I’ve only done one marathon, the jump is much bigger than from 10k to 13.1 (and the training is a killer) but its something that I’m really glad I did. Its a pity to stop at a half after all right?

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