I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

Earlier this month, I posted about Mo Farah’s pledge to move from Metres to Miles in 2014, and how I was considering running my first marathon, too.

Well I’ve only gone and done it. I’ve signed up for  The Loch Ness Marathon this September! Eeek!


I thought: this is the year. It’s the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It’s the Year of Homecoming across Scotland. Mo’s stepping up the distance. And I signed up!

There was something extra special about signing up for this race: it’s the first race I’ve signed up for in my married name- since I’ll be an ‘auld married wummin’ by then! That was exciting, too!

Be prepared to be very bored with my marathon chat, folks! 😉


56 thoughts on “I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

      1. 🙂 I am sure I will feel the same way when I sign up for mine. Waiting until the end of Feb just to make sure I am good to run.

  1. I’m looking forward to the marathon chat! Congrats on taking this HUGE step! And by huge I mean – you will officially be a bad ass when you cross the finish line!

  2. About time!! 🙂 You are more than ready and you don’t know it!! I’m really genuinely looking forward to hearing about your prep & journey. And brilliant choice of venue! I’ve been tempted myself. Excellent news 🙂

  3. Awesome! I always have wanted to run a marathon, but the year I planned to, I chickened out. For now, the desire is gone, but maybe one day…Until then, I plan to live vicariously through you! Congrats!

      1. While the kids are at school! 😉 I have it actually easy when it comes to that, it’s just my laziness th gets in th way! 😉

  4. Haha! Welcome to the disease! No other run is like the marathon. Man, the things you’ll see, experience, and probably hallucinate! ha! 😀 Trust me, no one ever stops talking about their marathon after the marathon…. you’ve seen my blog. I haven’t shut up about it.

    Happy running. Good luck with the training!

  5. Wonderful! This will be a fantastic journey for you, I’m sure of it. Incidentally, I’m going to run the Cologne Marathon the week before, so we can be virtual marathon training buddies!

      1. Of course! As I said, I’d be happy to meet you on the shores of Loch Lomond on a lovely weekend day – I just need a little advanced warning! We could do a long run together, perhaps one of the iconic 20 milers?

  6. How exciting! It will be nice to read along, as I’ll be training for my first marathon too. Although mine is in June, which I’m now thinking might be too soon and I’m kind of terrified of the whole thing!

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