Tomorrow’s Run: ZNR

Tomorrow’s Run: ZNR

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow, @TheWelshWookie and I are running the Zombie Night Run UK.


This is our first obstacle race, and I’m both excited and nervous about it!

The run is set in woodland in Helensburgh, and we’ve been told to be prepared for water, bogs and obstacles 😮

It’s an 8K run, and the first 3K is uphill, so I’m not going to even think about, or worry about time. Hills are all relative.

We could choose whether we want to run as ‘survivors’ or ‘zombies’: we’ve signed up as zombies, as I’m not sure I could cope with the thought of being chased through a dark forest at night! The race kicks off at dusk, so around 5.30pm. The survivors set off with a 5 minute head start and us zombies need to chase the survivors, and attempt to cross the finish line with a ‘life tag’ from a survivor.


I’ll be happy just to finish at all! 😉

Fancy dress is encouraged, so I’m running as a zombie doctor, and @TheWelshWookie is running as a zombie chef. My sis-in-law, Janice, is doing our make up for us, otherwise we’d end up looking like a couple of crazy clowns if I did it!

I’ll post pics….. if I dare!

18 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Run: ZNR

  1. Oh wow! I don’t think I could handle this. I would probably end up accidently hitting someone if they were chasing me in the dark. Have fun and be sure to post pictures!

    1. That’s my one fear- I know how easy it would be! But, then, I’ll be miles behind the survivors anyway!

  2. I’m volunteering for a similar type race. I wanted to be a zombie, but my foot injury made me decide it would be better to not do anything requiring lunging at people and dodging around.

    I hope you gave a blast!

  3. Ha! This sounds like great fun! It’s a bit harsh to set the zombies off later than the rest. What with their slow shuffle, vacant stares and decrepit body parts to contend with! They should be lying in wait instead!

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