You Found Me By Searching What?

You Found Me By Searching What?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll cast a glance over what, if any, search terms are used by people to find your blog.

Well, last week, someone came across my blog searching for this:


What?? Depressed quotes?

Maybe I’ll need to have some more positive posts from now on!

Tonight, @TheWelshWookie and I headed for a short run, to keep the legs ticking over before the Zombie Night Run on Saturday evening. We’ve found out that the first two miles are straight uphill, so thanks to PirateBobcat, I’ve been reframing my thinking. All hill are relative, and running is a matter of perspective. These are my current mantras.

Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, slow

Time: 20:39

Trainers: LunarEclipse

Weather: cool, cloudy, a little showery

Today’s life lesson: Assuming that all daytime phone calls are sales calls is a mistake: some nice surprises come that way, too!

What’s been the weirdest search term you’ve used, or someone has used to find your blog?

18 thoughts on “You Found Me By Searching What?

  1. My most popular post ever is titled, “Tempo Run 2”. I get a ton of hits from people who misspell “Temple”. I wonder what they think when they read the post. 🙂

  2. Well you just showed me something new on my stats. I have never seen this before but some of them make me laugh when you put them all together.

    “The lion king motivation” was one…why would anyone put those things together?! ha

  3. I haven’t had to many search terms on my blog yet, but my most popular was the one I wrote about the new maxed running shoes I bought. I noticed there isn’t to many articles on that shoe on the web (probably because it’s a local brand) 🙂 I see you’re very close to a 100 blog post, congrats! 🙂

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