Just Browsin’….

Just Browsin’….

Yesterday, I had another lazy day, to recover from the Perth Kilt Run on Saturday. As usual, running/jogging wasn’t too far from my mind…


After I wrote my review of the Perth Kilt Run, I found myself browsing more races between now and the end of the year.  Yes, I know I have the TT10K on Saturday. Then I have the Great Scottish Run (10k) in October, and the Mo-Running 10k in November. But, I was just looking….

Before I knew it, I had signed up for my fourth ‘inaugural’ event of the year (the first was The Color Run UK event in London, the second was the RnR Dublin, the third is this Saturday’s TT10K), and my FIRST EVER trail run: The CowalFest 5k.

Now, I have never done a trail race. Ever. This Saturday’s TT10K has two trail sections, and so that will be my first proper off-road run.  I do have trail running shoes, but I mostly wear these when it is raining, to keep my feet dry! Now, they are going to be put through their paces! This run takes place as part of CowalFest, which was originally a walking festival, but it has now branched out into other sports, including cycling and now running. The run takes place in Benmore Botanic Gardens, so it should be beautiful!

I'm pretty sure this is what the trail run will be like...
I’m pretty sure this is what the trail run will be like…

@TheWelshWookie and I have registered for the 5k cause we’re too scared to sign up for the 10k to see how we get on, I’m sure it’ll be an experience! This run is a week after the GSR, so it’ll be another pair of back-to-back weekends of running!

Today’s stats:

Run: no run, but I did go for a 5k walk instead 🙂

Time: I didn’t time it, but I think it was about 50 mins or so

Trainers: FreeRuns

Weather: Sunny

Favourite  radio track of the day: a little bit of Dario G. This would be good for a warm up/cool down too, I reckon 😉

As I said in my blog title, I was just browsin’, but that can be dangerous! Now that I’ve signed up for my 9th run of the year, I’m now on the lookout to make it a round ten…..

I also came across this while browsin’, and it made me chuckle… 😉


Today’s life lesson: Always lean forward in a sprint finish- Christine Ohuruogu did, and it won her Gold for the 400m at the World Champs in Moscow today. Go girl!

Olympics Day 9 - Athletics-1224354

What do you find yourself browsin’, and spendin’ on when on the internet?

Next New Nikes?

Next New Nikes?

Today, I’ve been very domesticated again, catching up on the laundry.

I also went for a short run, to stretch my legs from Monday, and to prepare for Saturday.

Today’s stats:

Run: 2 miles

Time: 20:03

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: Warm, and sunny

First running track of the day: Black eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling

You all know that I’m a pretty big fan of Nike trainers, they really suit my running jogging:


So, I’m sure you’ll allow me to get a little excited over the new Nike free runs:


These look so, sooooo comfortable! Just like socks with trainer soles!

What do you think of them?

Back-to-Training Tuesday

Back-to-Training Tuesday

I ran today! Woo hoo!


OK- so it was very hot, at about 25 degrees, and very humid which is not something I  need to deal with every day! So, my run was very slllloooooow and pretty short as a result. But I did it!

It actually felt great, to get out and stretch my legs, since I hadn’t run since Friday. Except for the sticky suncream. Yuk. Factor 1,000,000 30 since I burn as soon as the sun appears, even if I’m only out for, maybe, 30 seconds 😉

Today’s stats:

Run: 3.5 mile recovery jog

Time: 35:37 slow and steady

Trainers: Free Run +3

Weather: bright and very sunshiny!

Best running track of the day: Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Chemical Brothers:

As it was a short run, I decided to wear my free run +3s. I only wear these for really short runs, as I much prefer my lunars for longer runs.

Here are my fabby coloured free runs:


And here’s a wee pic of my Nike trainers:


As you can see, I quite like a wee splash of colour! I do like to keep my trainers in rotation, to extend their wear and to make sure they’re in decent condition next time I run in them.

Tonight @thewelshwookie and I are toasting Andy Murray’s success having cracked open this beauty:


Today’s life lesson: whenever you take a day off, your workload is always waiting for you, including a couple of surprise challenges! For me today, that’s gone for both work and running!

Which suncream do you use when you run on sunny days?