Sticky-Speed-Session *Squee!*

Sticky-Speed-Session *Squee!*

Evening, folks, and a Happy Hump Day to you all!


Today’s stats:

Run: 2.7 mile sticky, sweaty speed session. Lovely, huh?

I did: 1 mile warm up jog; followed by 7x 30 second sprints/30 second recovery walk. I then walked/jogged home, but I’m not too sure how far that was! 

Time: 28:56

Trainers: Lunar Racers

Weather: bright and very sunshiny! Again! Woop Woop!

Best running track of the day: Matinee, Franz Ferdinand. I love this. It reminds me of a former boss I had 🙂

I’d had a meeting in Helensburgh today, so I’d spent about 4 hours cooped up in the car, driving, so it felt great to stretch my legs tonight. I knew it would be hot, after last night, but I think I was better prepared for it tonight! I think it was around the 25 degree mark again. Hot (for here!)

I fancied a change of scenery, so instead of running along the village harbour I headed out to the West Loch, and ran down to that harbour instead.

photo-42 photo-39 photo-40

It made a lovely change, but is quite a short run, on its own. The first mile is downhill, then it flattens out a bit to the harbour itself, and the final mile home is back uphill, which was tough, but what I needed! I felt great, hence the *squee* in the title, even though I was icky and sticky with suncream….again! 😮

I also took a pic of this old sign, which I thought was quite quaint:


Today’s life lesson: carry your camera, or have your iPhone to hand when you’re driving, ready to pull in and take a snap. I saw the paddle steamer The Waverley today, but didn’t get a pic of it 😦

Which photo opportunities have you missed?

2 thoughts on “Sticky-Speed-Session *Squee!*

  1. OMG – I have just started reading your blog (from the other side of the world) and my Granny originally came from Campbeltown! Nice to see some pics from the area, and glad you’re having a nice summer!

    1. Wow, what a small world it is, Sherry! That’s pretty cool! 😀 Campbeltown is lovely. Have you ever had the chance to visit?

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