A Weekend Round Up

A Weekend Round Up

Evening all, have you had a good weekend? I’ve had a blast!

My shopping spree yesterday went better than I had anticipated (although @TheWelshWookie was driven bonkers by other shoppers barging in front of him 😮 ). We popped into the Nike store, only to find that they had a SALE on! Yes, that’s right, I accidentally walked into a sale. In the Nike shop. Oh. My. Goodness.

And so, I was very controlled went a wee bit crazy, but at least I stocked up on some winter running gear, and not some frivolous stuff!

I bought two pairs of full length tights, one pair is a funky blue stripy number, and I also bought the dri-fit knit long sleeve top that  I have been coveting for months, since it was on SALE! Yay!

photo (1)

@TheWelshWookie also got some gear. including this rather bright number:

photo (2)

And, as it was the day before the Great North Run, I made @TheWelshWookie take my photo with the picture of Mo, in the Nike Store. Yes: I have no shame….


I then had a great night celebrating my god daughter’s birthday, which included a shedload one or two glasses of vino….!

This morning began with some more shopping (grocery shopping, bo-ring) and then we settled down to watch the build up of the GNR. I might have mentioned once or twice (or maybe more) to @TheWelshWookie that I really want to run it next year. It looked brilliant! I’m sure everyone will have seen the final couple of miles of the elite race, with Mo Farah just losing out on first place by one second: his sprint finish was just not enough. It was so exciting!

Congratulations to everyone who ran: I hope you enjoyed it, and are celebrating tonight.

We’ve been to a family Christening, and are now home, watching football. My team, the Jaguars, are facing @TheWelshWookie’s team, the Raiders, so tonight is going to be fun!

In other weekend news, Carolyn and Dougie have successfully completed the Beatson Challenge! They are so amazing, and I’m in awe of what they have achieved! We drove past them on our way to Glasgow on Saturday, and they managed a wave and a smile: they were looking really strong!


You can see their photos here

I’m looking forward to running tomorrow, road testing a pair of my new tights 😀

Day off Work = Day on Running

Day off Work = Day on Running

I have a long weekend off! Woop Woop!


And so, I’ve made use of my day: I’ve been a domestic Goddess, been shopping in the village, (and on the internet), packed for our weekend trip and gone for a run! Today is the first day that @TheWelshWookie has been for a run since our trail run on Sunday. We did a pretty solid 5K relaxed run, which I really enjoyed.

As we were heading home, the kids were having sailing lessons. By the sound of their whooping and laughter, they were having a great time! 😀


We’ve been healthy kids, and had a lovely salmon salad for dinner:


Beatson Challenge Update:

Day two of their three day challenge is over. Today’s section included running up (and down) The Rest and Be Thankful: a big hill which marks the half way point to Glasgow. It’s called The Rest and Be Thankful for a very good reason 😮

The report is that they even managed to run a little further than they had planned today, which must be a really good sign. They are doing absolutely brilliantly!

It’s likely that we’ll drive past them tomorrow on our way to Glasgow, so we’ll give them a wave from you all!

Today’s Stats:

Run: 5K easy run

Time: 31:12

Weather: Cloudy. It’s definitely getting cooler

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today:

Today’s Life Lesson: When you switch on the dishwasher, remember to check that you’ve put the tablet in properly 😉

What are your plans for the weekend?

The Beatson Challenge

The Beatson Challenge

Tomorrow, two fantastic local runners, Carolyn and Dougie, are taking on a huge challenge, which they have called the Beatson Challenge. They are running an ultra marathon, over three days: running from the Beatson Oncology Unit in Glasgow to Tarbert, raising funds for the Friends of the Beatson. They’ll be running 100 miles, over three days.



They have been keeping all of their supporters up to date on their facebook page, which you can find here. I’m hoping that you’ll pay their site a little visit, to offer support to them in their amazing challenge.

They are raising funds for a fantastic cause, and if you are interested in supporting them, you can do so here.

I’m wishing Carolyn and Dougie the very best of luck and support over the next three days: you can do this!