Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp. No, not my temper- though usually it is 😉 but my run this evening!


I thought I should head out, and do a short, sharp threshold run, to see if I can build up some speed in advance of my races in October. And I ran pretty slow by most folks standards fast- for me 😉

During my first mile, I kinda forgot that I was supposed to be doing a threshold run, so I managed a mile in 9:27. My second mile was much better, at 9.05, so I was really pleased with that.

It was just as well I only planned to do two miles, as I definitely could not have maintained that for a third mile tonight!

On my way home, I found my first heart! 😀 runningtoherdreams has some beautiful pictures of nature’s hearts on her blog, and I’ve been looking for one for weeks. And tonight, I finally found one 🙂


Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, threshold run

Time: 18:32

Weather: Cloudy with still some warmth in the air. It’s definitely getting cooler, though

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today: I’ve waited ten days to come across this one on my iPod!

Today’s Life Lesson: Some days, you just make good, steady progress. Be grateful for these, they don’t come often!

When did you last do a threshold run?

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