My Favourite Cafe

My Favourite Cafe

Well, hello there, Monday, you’ve come around too fast!


Today, I received a reality check, after spotting the following goodies in our local Co Op:


Erm, hello, the Hallowe’en goodies haven’t even hit the shelves yet, and you’re selling Christmas goodies?!

Anyhoo, how has your day been?

Tonight, we’ve headed to my favourite cafe for dinner. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned it before. It’s called Cafe Ca’Dora, and it’s in Tarbert, conveniently located easily within walking distance. And we love it!

What is really tempting is that virtually every run goes past it. It’s difficult not to just pop in!

We visit it regularly- too regularly, and every time we have visitors, we’re guaranteed to be in there a few times: for breakfast, or lunch, or coffee, or dinner. Or any combination of those!

@TheWelshWookie loves the burgers.

IMG_2237 IMG_2499

I love the nachos, wraps, pasta and fajitas.


They also make their own ice cream. It is delicious!


All of this talk of food is making me hungry again! 🙂

And I’m having a rest day; so no running to burn any extra calories off! 😮

12 thoughts on “My Favourite Cafe

  1. I can’t say that I noticed any Christmas stuff in our Tesco tonight but I am reliably informed that our local Morrisons has advent calendars. What the…..?!

    I love a good little cafe or restaurant – great finds are keepers. I don’t have a current favourite (I should go and seek one out).

    1. Advent Calendars? Oh, my goodness!
      Definitely go and seek- all in the name of research, of course 😉

  2. Looks fabulous. Thankfully, I already ate, so I don’t feel hungry quite yet! But mostly, that food is making me WANT to go on a run 🙂

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