Non-Foodie Friday

Non-Foodie Friday

Welcome to the weekend once again! What do you have planned?

I have an eight mile run tomorrow morning, followed by a weekend of watching more Six Nations rugby action 😉

Tonight, I was going to post a Foodie Friday blog. But, when I checked, I didn’t have enough pics to share! 😮

So, here’s a picture to make you smile instead:



Don’t forget to email Kyla tomorrow with the number of kilometres you have run this week. I can’t wait to see how far we’ve run during the first week!

20 thoughts on “Non-Foodie Friday

  1. Personally, I’m quite happy that you didn’t post any food pictures today. Your food always looks so yummy, it makes me want to eat. I’ve just had dinner, and your Friday food blog post might have just tipped me over the edge and forced me to eat a double dinner. 😉 I’ve got the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday; am so looking foward to race again. I managed 55km for Kylabee’s ATWRBR this week – it’s my lowest km week this year, but then I am tapering… =( Still, every bit helps!

    1. My goodness, 55k seems a lot to me, but then I’m only building up half marathon mileage at the moment! Glad I’ve saved you from gluttony 😉 I was just read that it’s the Inverness half this weekend and I thought of you: best of luck with it, can’t wait to hear all about it!

    2. Every bit does help and you clocked more K’s then me. Good job 🙂

      Can you still email me your total though please? Thanks.

      Good luck this weekend.

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