An Update

An Update

Evening all!

I thought I’d give you a quick update on my half marathon training plan, and the headline is that it’s going really well.

So far, Hal Higdon is working out really well: it’s a good mix of runs, with four days running, one day cross training and two rest days per week. I’ve now reached Week 5, Day 4, so I’m not quite at the half way point yet. I’m managing to do a mix of running outdoors and dreadmill runs, which is also helping to stave off boredom.

So tonight, I’ve added to my  Around the World Running Blog Relay mileage: another 3 miles, or 4.83 kilometres, which brings my  total to 16.1 kilometres so far 🙂

In wedding news, I now have virtually everything arranged, I think. And if I don’t have it arranged, it isn’t happening! I’m just about to finish off writing the Order of Service, and that will be another job done! 🙂


I feel as though some things are just about coming together, in terms of both running and wedding planning this week 😉

What’s going well for you at the moment?

16 thoughts on “An Update

    1. I’ve used Nike training plans in the past, so the simplicity of it is very refreshing!

  1. I love your wedding plan. Straight to the point. I’m doing a slightly modified version of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon plan. I like not having to think about what I have to do. I’m about a week ahead of you and so far so good.

  2. HA! Love the order of ceremony, and may ‘steal’ that from you for ours! 😀 Great that the training plan is working for you! That’s so important to find a fitting schedule!

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