Are we sure this is summer? Really?

Are we sure this is summer? Really?

Well, now that the schools are on holiday here, the weather is typical: wet, windy and cold. Brrrr!

In a bid to encourage the sunshine, I started today with my usual, summer time breakfast, which I love:


It’s Total greek yoghurt, topped with local strawberries and some blueberries, with a sprinkling of flax. Mmmm-mmm. Delish. I’ll add some chia seeds tomorrow, I think.

Well, my desperate  attempt at willing the sun to visit didn’t work.

Here’s the wet vista from my office window today:



Today’s Stats:

Run: no, today was a lazy day  rest day for me

Exercise: 15 minute NTC Shawn Johnson’s Stretch Guide, followed by 30 minutes of yoga. 

Today’s surprise yoga track:

I wore my super, duper long sleeved top from the MOK run for doing my yoga in, do you want to see it? You’ll have to excuse my slightly blurred pic, I’m afraid:


Not bad, eh?

Today’s Life Lesson: Don’t wear a T-shirt to the office on a day that’s more like winter. You’ll regret it.

What have you worn to work and instantly regretted?

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