Huggin’ Stuff

Huggin’ Stuff

I’m not a big hugger. Of people, I mean.

But I recently posted about how I hug Christmas Trees! 😮 You’ll find that post here.

Then, I was reminded that I actually hug loadsa stuff!

All things, mind, not so much people…..

Here’s me hugging the 150 years anniversary monument, at King’s Cross Underground station:


And here’s me hugging the R’n’R sign in Dublin:

photo (1)

Finally, for now, here’s me hugging a large garden ornament in Iona:


Sorry, it was a flashless night time pic 😉 Maybe my huggin’ addiction is worse than I thought?

Do you have any weird habits that someone else has pointed out to you?

Tree Huggin’

Tree Huggin’

I didn’t run tonight.

But, @TheWelshWookie and I did go for a walk instead. We took a walk around Tarbert harbour, because it was a lovely cold, crisp evening.

And because we wanted to see the Christmas lights.

photo (4)

Now that power has been restored, the lights are on. There wasn’t a grand lighting ceremony as planned, but the village does look lovely and festive!

photo (5) photo (8)

And for me, a lit Christmas tree means only one thing: that baby’s GOT to be hugged!

Here’s my hug of the tree in Coombe Abbey, Coventry two years ago:


And hugging Tarbert’s tree last year:


Here’s this year’s big hug:

photo (7)

It certainly gives the neighbours something to talk about!

What weird traditions do you have?