It’s the weekend! TGYF! Thank Goodness, Yoga Friday!

We’ve had another cracking day today, and from my office window, I could see a visitor to the office grounds:


He was having a good forage in the bushes, and was there for about 15 minutes.

Today’s Stats:

Run: no, today was a lazy day  rest day for me

Exercise: 15 minute NTC Shawn Johnson’s Stretch Guide, followed by 30 minutes of yoga. 

Today’s best yoga track: a bit of chilled Paul Weller is always good 🙂

Here’s the yoga app I’ve been using- it’s OK- does the job. 


I use AirPlay, and put the picture up on the TV via Apple TV. Pretty cool. Does anyone use any other yoga apps that are good?

@TheWelshWookie is packing for two week’s Annual Cadet Camp, so I’m looking forward to peace, quiet and a tidy house going to miss him… a wee bit 😉 

Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll have a wee vino tonight before he goes…


Enjoy your evening, everyone!

Today’s Life Lesson: Check your trousers don’t trail on the ground before wearing them with sandals… scuffed hems are not a good look.

Which surprise visitors have you had at your workplace?

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