Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Well the sun is shining gloriously in Argyll, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Spring is on its way. I’m not getting my hopes up yet: late February weather can still be fickle, and you can be fooled by the sun into forgetting that there could very well be ice and frost in the morning.

Nevertheless, this sunshine is very welcome, and it does lift my spirits immensely. 

It’s mid term around here, with some schools off for a few days, others for a week, which makes for planning my work confusing- I can never remember which schools are in and which aren’t! At least I have an excuse for my confusion this week 😉

We had a good weekend- Friday night saw @TheWelshWookie going to see the Glasgow Warriors defeat Münster at rugby while I had a lovely swim at Cameron House with my mum and Angie. It was a fantastic start to the weekend. This week I don’t have Clubbercise tonight, which leaves me with an exercise conundrum: what to do? Run! Is my instant thought. I’m staving off the start of a cold: runny nose and glass-like throat is making me rethink that. I’m thinking that I might try out some at- home PiYo courtesy of YouTube, and given the lovely weather I may finish that with a dip in the hot tub, under the cold and star-filled sky and tonight’s full moon.

Now that does sound like the way to kick off a new week. 


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