GB Relay 2014

GB Relay 2014

The events for 2014 continue to gather momentum in the TartanJogger/WelshWookie household: we’ve signed up for the GB Relay 2014!


The aim is to break the world record for the longest continuous relay, around the coast of Britain. Did someone say record attempt? We’re in!

The British coast has been split into 594 stages, and the run is done continuously, 24 hours a day, during June and July 2014.

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@TheWelshWookie and I will be running stage 138, from Duror to Strath of Appin Primary School, which is at the very north of Argyll and Bute. Our stage is on 8th June, at 18:19, and our stage is 12.5K long.

We’re really looking forward to being part of such a brilliant event! For ore information, or to sign up, visit

Has anyone else bagged a stage yet?

24 thoughts on “GB Relay 2014

      1. Yes! Perhaps up the east coast from Hobart Tasmania all the way up to Cape York in Queensland. Epic… but just getting lots of people to take part in any country sounds awesome to me hehe fun!

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do a relay with all the bloggers we all follow. Maybe for June and July we could all collate our mileage for those months and then we could have our own relay team?

  2. Ooooh! Thank you for sharing this. I hadn’t heard of it before, but had a look straight away. I live right by the coast and it turns out that the section where I live is still available (one of the few in Fife!). It’s just too good to be true, so needless to say, I’ve signed up too! =D Awesome!

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