The 5×50 Challenge 2014

The 5×50 Challenge 2014

@TheWelshWookie and I have signed up for the 5×50 challenge 2014!


This is our second year of participating: we had such fun last year!


Here’s TheWookie sporting his 5×50 challenge t shirt at the Perth Kilt Run earlier this year.

The challenge is to sign up, make a small (or large) donation, and commit to running, cycling, walking (or doing a class, or equivalent)  5K each day, for 50 days.

The challenge begins on Sunday, 30th March 2014, and since @TheWelshWookie and I get married on 11th April (have I shared that news? I can’t remember!) the challenge will be running right through our wedding weekend.

That should keep us on the running straight-and-narrow!

We’ve set up a team, #a5x50wedding, which was coined by Raymond Wallace on twitter. Raymond is one of the founders of the challenge, who RT’d my tweet when I signed up on Saturday! Thanks for that, hope you don’t mind that I’ve pinched it!

You can read all about this fantastic challenge here.

Anyone can sign up and join in: will you? Fancy joining our team?

13 thoughts on “The 5×50 Challenge 2014

  1. Congrats on the wedding! I might join your team, but I want to have a good look at my running/racing plan for 2014 first (and by that I mean, come up with one). If I can fit it in, I will – it does sound like fun!

    1. Thank you! I understand- I’m still trying to persuade family to join us…. No takers from them yet! 😮

    1. Ha ha! I’d happily wear a quilt any day- comfy! I have duvet ducks, which are slippers that are like quilts 😀

  2. Nice one. I read your title and thought you’d signed up for five 50km races next year and thought that you had been eating too many liqueur filled Christmas chocolates! That aside, this still looks like an epic challenge. A 50 day streak is pretty impressive on its own, but I know you’ll not stop at 5km and be throwing longer runs in as well for your races and stuff so your mileage will be big on top of the streak!
    All the best for your streak and also for your wedding (I had missed that little news flash)!!!

    1. 🙂 thanks Bernie! It was brilliant last year, and- you’re right- 5k will be a minimum on lots of days. I just need to work on my plan now!

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