Running in a Hoolie

Running in a Hoolie

Afternoon, all, I hope your weekend is off to a brilliant start!

We have more gale force winds forecast for today, and so I’m blogging while I still have power: pray it stays on, please!

@TheWelshWookie and I have braved the wind and the rain, and we have been for a run down the harbour.

photo (14)

It was blowing a hoolie!

I fair enjoyed it, though it was only a short run. The village still looks strangely welcoming in the midst of a storm:

photo (15)

Now, we’re drying off, thawing out and hunkering down for an afternoon of movies, kicking off with Santa Claus: The Movie I think!

Anyone else running through the gales or other poor weather today?

22 thoughts on “Running in a Hoolie

  1. Good for you for braving the hoolie. When I first read the title of your post I thought it said a Hoodie. 🙂

    No hoolies here in Victoria. Post on my blog shortly.

    Enjoy your movies.

    1. A hoolie? A windy, wild day. As in ‘it’s blowing a hoolie out there!’ In Ireland, it means a big, crazy party. Same thing, really!!

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