Running in a Hoolie

Running in a Hoolie

Afternoon, all, I hope your weekend is off to a brilliant start!

We have more gale force winds forecast for today, and so I’m blogging while I still have power: pray it stays on, please!

@TheWelshWookie and I have braved the wind and the rain, and we have been for a run down the harbour.

photo (14)

It was blowing a hoolie!

I fair enjoyed it, though it was only a short run. The village still looks strangely welcoming in the midst of a storm:

photo (15)

Now, we’re drying off, thawing out and hunkering down for an afternoon of movies, kicking off with Santa Claus: The Movie I think!

Anyone else running through the gales or other poor weather today?

Power’s Back!

Power’s Back!

Just a quick post to thank all of the hard working engineers and support staff who have been working tirelessly to get us all connected to the electricity supply again, following today’s storms.

The forecast overnight is for low temps, so I am extremely grateful for being able to now switch on my electric blanket tonight!

Our power outage was only 14 hours; it could have been a whole lot worse than that. 😉

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and words today!

The Power Cut: Part Two

The Power Cut: Part Two

We’ve been bashed and battered by gale force winds over the past 12 hours or so, with gusts reaching 140MPH in the Highlands. You can read all about it here.

And so, we have no power in our village again, for the second time in a week.

The joys of living in rural Argyll!

On my commute this morning, I had to dodge seven trees which had blown over and into the road, which was a little different 😉

I’m hopeful that normal blogging (and normal running) may commence later, or failing that, tomorrow.

It’s supposed to be our village’s Christmas Lights switch-on tonight….. not sure if that’ll happen now!


Hoping you are all safe, if you are also affected by bad weather!

The Power Cut

The Power Cut

Immediately after @TheWelshWookie and I hung our decorations and lit our Christmas tree tonight, the power in our village went out!


Coincidence? I hope so!

And so, this is the briefest of posts, as we’ve already had a couple of false returns to electricity; this may be another!

It’s very snug and Christmassy, though 😉

And the treadmill is obviously not an option this evening!