Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Happy Easter! I’ve had a wonderful weekend- how about you?

I was still getting over my chest infection this week so my activity levels haven’t been back to normal yet, but I am getting there. Meanwhile my eating has been, well, far from ideal – but I’m really not worried about it. Back on track between now and Florida šŸ˜‰

Monday: travelling back from our trip away, but we did get a walk in. Nothing else.

Tuesday: back at class- yes! Sculpt was great, it’s tough, challenging, but feels very good indeed. That was followed by Trigger Point Pilates, which was ace.

Wednesday: back to Jog Scotland and it was my first run in 10 days. We ran for 40 minutes, which was around 3.6 miles. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and boy did I need it!

Thursday: a walk in Lochgilphead

Friday: three hours of gardening- I’m counting it!

Saturday: a walk to and from Portavadie as well as a lovely day in the Spa there

Sunday: a trip to Gigha, so we enjoyed a fab walk around the island

All in all, I still have a way to go to get back to my previous fitness levels before my chest infection, but a bank holiday 10k run today has helped to boost my confidence with that.

And here’s something I’m reminding myself of:

Have a good week!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

It’s another fresh week, and another damp start here in Argyll. How was your week? I was quite pleased with how I kicked off another 5×50 Challenge, and I stuck to my seven days of activity with no huge issues. Go me!

For those of you not familiar with it, the challenge is to do 5k or 30 minutes of exercise a day for 50 days, and this round kicked off last Sunday. Here’s what I did:

Sunday: a walk through Blarbuie Woods

Monday: Veraflow

Tuesday: Sculpt followed by Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday: run with Jog Scotland

Thursday: 30 minute walk

Friday: 5k run

Saturday: 5k walk

Sunday: 6.6k walk along Crinan Canal

Not bad! Given that the weather is changing and we move into later autumn, here’s a reminder for you: Here’s to another great week!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

After the coughing, sneezing and runny noses of last week, I still managed to do it: another 5×50 Challenge is in the bag! I really enjoyed it this year, and found myself looking forward to doing and then logging my activities every day, staying accountable. Here’s a summary of my past 50 days:

It’s been filled with classes, runs, walks and a few curveball activities but it’s been ace. Roll on October to the next round. Is anyone joining me?

One thing that has been at the forefront of my mind this week as my physical activities have been much lower impact that usual due to this cold is that we do need to think of our health, fitness and wellbeing holistically. When one element is out of balance it can have a huge impact on another so I’m the coming few days as I’m recovering I’ll be giving that much more attention than usual.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Spring has sprung, at long last and I find myself looking out at glorious sunshine for a rare change. It really does lift the mood and make me feel more eager to stay on my health and well-being path.

I managed to do that for most of last week. I went for a lovely 4 Mile Run on Monday, and then treated my muscles to Trigger Point Pilates on Tuesday. I then ran another 5k on Wednesday before going to PiYo on Thursday where we went back to the ’80s and did round 40. Boy, was that tough on the lower body! I had planned a run on Friday but went for a walk instead as my legs were tired. Saturday and Sunday we’re both walks, so I haven’t managed to squeeze in that extra run just yet but I have managed to keep my 5×50 Challenge on track. We are almost half way!

Tonight we’re having a circuits class for a change, and I’m really looking forward to it…. I think! Summer body, here I come! šŸ™ˆ

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, have you had time off over Easter, or have you been busy working and keeping on track? We had a couple of days off work, and after being off chocolate for Lent I’m afraid I went a bit daft last week and I’ve probably eaten my weight in chocolate since!

But one thing that I have been consistent with is my exercise. As I’m committed to doing the 5×50 Challenge I was able to keep doing a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Last week looked something like this:

Sunday: A walk around Glasgow’s West End, clocking up 53 exercise minutes and 7k.

Monday: more walking, this time around the city centre and then the west end. I managed 70 exercise minutes and 11.5k

Tuesday: we headed home and I throughly enjoyed Trigger Point Pilates in the evening.

Wednesday: I had a great 5k run with Tarbert JogScotland and felt fantastic afterwards. We mixed in some file running which was tough but much needed.

Thursday: after missing it the previous two weeks it felt brilliant to be back at PiYo. We went back in time and did the first ever round from two or three years ago- and my legs felt it on Friday! The DOMS were immense!

Friday: I had planned to run but my legs needed a bit of recovery after Wednesday and Thursday so I did a 10k walk instead.

Saturday: was a busy day, but @TheWelshWookie and I headed out late afternoon for a walk around the harbour. We kept a good pace, and managed to get another 10k in the bag

Sunday: again, I had planned to run but I felt a little run down so instead we headed to Skipness for a walk. We tackled a path we’d never taken before, and did 49 exercise minutes, just shy of 7k.

We did do a lot of walking, and I did no strength or conditioning training except for PiYo but for a holiday week, I’m delighted that we managed something every day.

Tonight, I’ve started the week with a wonderful four mile run in the sunshine- what better way is there to round off a Monday?

This definitely reflected my workouts last week: I’m sure there are times you feel the same!

5×50 Challenge: Week Six Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Six Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Five Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Five Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Four Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Four Round Up

Monday MotivationĀ 

Monday MotivationĀ 

Is it just me? Am I the only one who can’t quite believe that we’re moving into March this week?

I can’t fathom where this year is disappearing to! 

How was your week last week? Mine was good: I was away with work mid week, but kept on track as much as I could. I started last Monday with Body Conditioning/WAR and I worked hard, knowing that Jacqui was going on a well deserved holiday for a couple of weeks. As I headed to Aviemore for work on Tuesday I packed my running gear, and managed to get a run in on both Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I took a rest day on Thursday as my legs had felt really heavy the day before and I was feeling the DOMS from Monday šŸ˜‰ I did manage to fit in 12,500 steps though.

But on Friday evening I was back at salsa, and I know I’ve said it before but it is SO MUCH FUN! 

I’ve started this week with a Monday night run, and I’ve christened my new trainers. Yay! I always have a weird feeling when I wear new trainers: hoping that they are comfy and don’t rub, a little sad to get them dirty but a little excited to break them in too. Is it just me who feels like that? 

@TheWelshWookie and I have also signed up for the 5x50challenge again and this will, I think, be our fifth year participating. This year there are various options: one option is to run 5k per day for 50 days, but the option we’ve signed up for is to do 30 minutes of exercise a day for 50 days. Yes, some days that will be 5k, but other days it will be other activities. The aim is to encourage people to get fitter and more active, and the registration fee goes to charity, too. It’s a win win! Find out more here: http://5×  he next challenge begins this Sunday, 4th March šŸ‘šŸ»

And so, to reflect the 5x50challenge, here’s some motivation: 

Have a good week everyone! 

Monday MotivationĀ 

Monday MotivationĀ 

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you haven’t gorged yourself on too much chocolate šŸ˜‰ I’ve had a lovely weekend. I was fortunate enough to see Adele live in Glasgow on Saturday night and she was even more amazing than I had imagined she’d be. On Sunday we had a great family day at Oran Mor in Glasgow where we had dinner. The food was fab!

I mentioned recently how this year is flying in, and to emphasise that further the 5×50 Challenge is upon us once again! @TheWelshWookie and I have signed up for a fourth year in a row. For those who don’t know about it, the 5×50 challenges you to be fit and active for 50 days in a row: originally the challenge was to walk or run 5k each day for 50 days. Now, there are a few challenges to choose from including the one I’m doing this year- to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise (the equivalent of a 5k) each day for 50 days. 

This year I’m planning on posting a picture each day on both Instagram and on Snapchat which captures the activity I’m doing that day. Here are the images from days one and two:


I’m looking forward to this year’s challenge. I feel ready for it, especially as I don’t have many runs booked. Also, as I’ve really been focussing on cross training to support my running, this version of the challenge is spot on as it really accommodates that.

Here’s something I found on Pinterest during last week, and I’ve saved it to share today with you: 

 So, if you’ve overindulged on the choccies, don’t worry about it. Just enjoy it then get back on track.