Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Spring has sprung, at long last and I find myself looking out at glorious sunshine for a rare change. It really does lift the mood and make me feel more eager to stay on my health and well-being path.

I managed to do that for most of last week. I went for a lovely 4 Mile Run on Monday, and then treated my muscles to Trigger Point Pilates on Tuesday. I then ran another 5k on Wednesday before going to PiYo on Thursday where we went back to the ’80s and did round 40. Boy, was that tough on the lower body! I had planned a run on Friday but went for a walk instead as my legs were tired. Saturday and Sunday we’re both walks, so I haven’t managed to squeeze in that extra run just yet but I have managed to keep my 5×50 Challenge on track. We are almost half way!

Tonight we’re having a circuits class for a change, and I’m really looking forward to it…. I think! Summer body, here I come! 🙈

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