Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, have you had time off over Easter, or have you been busy working and keeping on track? We had a couple of days off work, and after being off chocolate for Lent I’m afraid I went a bit daft last week and I’ve probably eaten my weight in chocolate since!

But one thing that I have been consistent with is my exercise. As I’m committed to doing the 5×50 Challenge I was able to keep doing a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Last week looked something like this:

Sunday: A walk around Glasgow’s West End, clocking up 53 exercise minutes and 7k.

Monday: more walking, this time around the city centre and then the west end. I managed 70 exercise minutes and 11.5k

Tuesday: we headed home and I throughly enjoyed Trigger Point Pilates in the evening.

Wednesday: I had a great 5k run with Tarbert JogScotland and felt fantastic afterwards. We mixed in some file running which was tough but much needed.

Thursday: after missing it the previous two weeks it felt brilliant to be back at PiYo. We went back in time and did the first ever round from two or three years ago- and my legs felt it on Friday! The DOMS were immense!

Friday: I had planned to run but my legs needed a bit of recovery after Wednesday and Thursday so I did a 10k walk instead.

Saturday: was a busy day, but @TheWelshWookie and I headed out late afternoon for a walk around the harbour. We kept a good pace, and managed to get another 10k in the bag

Sunday: again, I had planned to run but I felt a little run down so instead we headed to Skipness for a walk. We tackled a path we’d never taken before, and did 49 exercise minutes, just shy of 7k.

We did do a lot of walking, and I did no strength or conditioning training except for PiYo but for a holiday week, I’m delighted that we managed something every day.

Tonight, I’ve started the week with a wonderful four mile run in the sunshine- what better way is there to round off a Monday?

This definitely reflected my workouts last week: I’m sure there are times you feel the same!

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