Bad food safety statistics from the Scottish Conservative Party

Bad food safety statistics from the Scottish Conservative Party

For anyone who read the ‘scare’ story publicised by the Scottish media yesterday about food hygiene standards in school kitchens, please read this post.

Patrick Mackie

Improvement Required

The Scottish Conservatives have published a report (well, a media release) on food hygiene standards in Scottish schools. This was picked up by the BBC, STV, The Herald and The Sunday Post, amongst others.

The summary of the story is, that over the period from 2009 to 2013, 83 schools, nurseries and after-school clubs received “Improvement Required” food hygiene ratings. This means that the establishments failed to meet the “broadly compliant” rating scores for the rating elements of food hygiene, premises condition or confidence in management. Obviously, this is a matter of concern, but it does not indicate that any of these sites were serving unsafe food – a site could fail to meet the requisite standard simply by failing to maintain adequate records of temperature checks, or having some structural problems, which are not themselves directly hazardous to the safety of food being prepared. More serious…

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