Routine Run!

Routine Run!

Happy Monday, gang! For those who returned to work today, I hope it went OK.

I’m back into my routine, for the first time in weeks. My work clothes were all a little more snug than I’d have liked, so I’ll do something about that 😉

Tonight, I kitted up, and headed out for a lil’ run in the dark, just to get the legs going. I looked, erm, interesting with my fluoro gear and arm lights:

photo (19)

And I also used the Nike+ phone app, as I hadn’t charged my GPS watch. Doh!

But it did allow me to play about with the wee photo app- it’s pretty cool!

photo (18)

I came back home to start my plank-a-day challenge and squat challenge. So far, so good on day one!

I’m off now to check out some new half marathon training programmes: has anyone tried the Hal Higdon iPhone app? Is it worth using?

How has your Monday been?

14 thoughts on “Routine Run!

  1. I’m feeling bad enjoying summer and still on leave from work 🙂 It’s a cold summer here in Tasmania with temperature 10 below average for the last week, but a scorching heat wave on mainland Australia. I haven’t used the Hal Higdon app but would be keen to hear about it. Stay warm 🙂

    1. Oh, don’t feel bad- we all have turns! Enjoy your summer, when it gets to average temp!
      I may just download the app and give it a whirl….

  2. It was my first day back at work too, so I feel your pain. I love my job and enjoyed going back, but getting up early was still brutal. I did lots of running over the holidays, so I took a much needed rest day today (but still did some weights and worked on my handstand, just for the laugh!). As for the training plans, I’ve used Hal Higdon plans in the past, but only from the website. I can’t comment on the app, but you can get the training plans online and they are very straightforward. However, if I can make one recommendation, it would to be have a look at Greg McMillan’s book: “You – Only Faster”. Even after running half-marathons for 10 years, this book really has changed my approach to training and I now make my own training plans, which have worked so much better for me than any generic ones. Good luck! Which half are you aiming for? I’m doing a few of the Scottish ones this year. 😉

    1. Thanks very much for this; I’ll definitely check out the book.
      I’ll be doing shorter races in Feb/March, first half of the year is RnR Madrid in April. Toying with doing my first full marathon- Loch Ness, but will no doubt be squeezing others in!!

      1. The book is not specific to half marathons; you’ll find it really useful for all distances I’m sure. And ooooh Madrid! I was thinking about doing this, as another blogger friend of mine is also going. However, I’ve just booked my trip to the Rome Marathon at the end of March, which I’ve decided to join as a silly sight-seeing tourist. 😉 My first target race is the Inverness Half as the beginning of March. I’ve also signed up for Edinburgh Half in May, although I now wonder if I was temporarily possessed when I did, as I have never liked that race… 😉

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