Routine Run!

Routine Run!

Happy Monday, gang! For those who returned to work today, I hope it went OK.

I’m back into my routine, for the first time in weeks. My work clothes were all a little more snug than I’d have liked, so I’ll do something about that 😉

Tonight, I kitted up, and headed out for a lil’ run in the dark, just to get the legs going. I looked, erm, interesting with my fluoro gear and arm lights:

photo (19)

And I also used the Nike+ phone app, as I hadn’t charged my GPS watch. Doh!

But it did allow me to play about with the wee photo app- it’s pretty cool!

photo (18)

I came back home to start my plank-a-day challenge and squat challenge. So far, so good on day one!

I’m off now to check out some new half marathon training programmes: has anyone tried the Hal Higdon iPhone app? Is it worth using?

How has your Monday been?

To Zombie Night Run, or Not?

To Zombie Night Run, or Not?

I’m seriously tempted to sign up for the Zombie Night Run UK: an 8K night run, being chased through a forest, in the dark, by zombies! 


It includes obstacles, and will involve mud, bogs, water, etc. but ends in an After Dead party!

Part of me knows that this will be a brilliant running experience; but another part of me knows I’ll be screaming my head off if I do it!

What do you think? Sign up, or not?