Reasons to be Happy

Reasons to be Happy

This week I’ve had many reasons to be happy. Here’s some of them.

1. @TheWelshWookie and I have a lunch date planned for tomorrow – I’m looking forward to it!
2. I’ve been tinkering with my tablet PC, which I’ve had for over a year, and found lots of features I didn’t know it had. Fantastic!
3. It’s been a week of candles and blankets – very autumnal.

4. A surprise delivery through the post cheered me up mid week.
5. @TheWelshWookie and I have booked our trip to Coventry at Christmas. And we managed to book it at a bargain price.

What are your reasons to be happy this week?

Reasons to be Happy

Reasons to be Happy

Welcome to my occasional series of posts on positivity, and reasons to be happy. Sometimes, counting your blessings is a really good thing. 🙂

This week I’m very grateful for:

1. My health. A little niggle in my ankle is nothing!

2. Planning. Lists, lists, lists are my friend, as always 🙂

3. Making a lifestyle decision, and sticking to it, seems to be reaping some benefits.

4. Having a weekend of Homeland ahead of me. Since Series 3 isn’t on Netflix, we’ve gone ahead and bought the box set, so that we’re up to date before series 4 begins.

5. Finding that my local Co-op was selling bottles of Chablis half price tonight. I love a bargain!


What are your reasons to be happy this week?

Reasons to be Happy

Reasons to be Happy

I’m sure that most of you have seen, or participated in the ‘3 days of positivity’ posting on FaceBook. I was lucky to have been nominated by Allison the Running Princess earlier in the summer.
I really enjoyed it, and I’ve now decided that a ‘Reasons to be Happy’ post might be a nice, regular addition to my blog.
I’ve slipped with blogging recently- life does sometimes get in the way- and that’s something I am using as a positive: I’m lucky to be so busy!


So, this week I’ve had many reasons to be happy.
1. I get to spend time with family tomorrow: I can’t wait!
2. It was @TheWelshWookie’s birthday yesterday and it was also my nephew Kieran’s birthday too, so Kieran surprised @TheWookie with a FaceTime call last night!
3. I had a busy, positive, productive Dream Team meeting yesterday.
4. My GSR t shirt AND my GB Relay medal both arrived in today’s post. Hurrah 🙂
5. It’s 50 days until our trip to Disneyland Paris!
What are your reasons to be happy this week?

Let the Hen Commence!

Let the Hen Commence!

Happy Friday, good friends!


By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Center Parcs in the Lake District with my sis, soon-to-be-sis-in-law, her two fab sis’s and her wonderful friends for a weekend of fun, food, dancing and laughing. Here’s where we’re off to:


I’m sure we’ll have the occasional beverage or three. Three thousand. Maybe.


A pineapple & a raspberry mojito
A pineapple & a raspberry mojito

My running gear and trainers are packed. Not sure if I’ll have much opportunity for blogging, I don’t know if I’l have wifi,  or mobile signal, so we’ll see.

If not, I’ll see you on the other side of the weekend: have a lovey weekend, all! 😀