Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions

It’s been a much more active day here than it was yesterday.

Today, we’ve been to church, done the grocery shopping, been for a run and spent time at the Harbour for the Music Festival. So, we’ve enjoyed both a Sunday running session and a Sunday music session 😉

After our lazy day yesterday, I thought I’d better pull up my big girls (running) pants and head out the door. The run was not pretty: I kept stopping to blow my nose, my pockets ended up stuffed with used tissue (yuk) but, I did it. I ground those four miles out!

After a spot of lunch and a shower, @TheWelshWookie and I walked back down to the harbour, to enjoy a couple of beers, and listen to the bands playing at the quay today. It was a great afternoon: it stayed dry, and the music was brilliant. Are there many villages with free music, cheap beer and street parties this weekend?

IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Tonight, we have a dilemma: watch football or the new Series of Downton Abbey: which should we tape?

Today’s Stats:

Run: 4 miles, easy run

Time: 42:25

Trainers: Lunar Fly GTX

Weather: cloudy, but surprisingly warm

I listened to a pod cast for the first time in months, instead of music today!

Today’s Life Lesson: just do it, as they say…!

Football or Downton Abbey?

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