Double – Double Digits

Double – Double Digits

Well, it’s now ten days until our wedding. TEN DAYS! The final double-digit day until @TheWelshWookie and I are married:)

On Saturday, I collected my dress, shoes and other last minute bits and pieces. We also ordered a Costco cake, just because I love ’em! So, I now reckon we’re completely organised. We have had one mishap, and if it’s the only glitch, I’ll be very happy. My mum & dad have a cake knife set, and it has been used by my sister and three brothers who are already married. And they have been engraved with their names and wedding dates. And so, the parentals arranged for our names and wedding date to be inscribed, too. But, @TheWelshWookie’s name has been misspelled! Oooops! While it’s a pity, I’m sure it will also be a future talking point!


On Sunday, @TheWelshWookie reached a huge milestone: his first ever double-digit run! We did a ten miler, in less than two hours, which I think was brilliant for a slow long run 🙂 We ran twice around the Glen road, and along the Kilberry road. It was perfect running weather, and I felt great during the whole run. More to the point, @TheWookie felt great too! 🙂


It was good to get that run under my belt, as I hadn’t run much during the previous week. And I was pleased that it was comfortable. I felt like I could have done the half marathon distance no problem: I hope that doesn’t curse things! 😮 The Hal Higdon plan is definitely working well for me.

After lunch on Sunday, we spent the rest of the day in the garden: tidying, clearing, and getting the outdoors looking a little more presentable! We also cleaned out the hot tub, and refilled it ready for use. So after such a busy day we really enjoyed winding down in the evening, with candles and amazing chocolate sent to me by Kyla over at earlybirdfitness. It was delish!


After a rest day yesterday (well, if you can call another two hours of gardening resting) we got a 5K in the bag tonight.

Now, we’re delighted to announce that……… the Hot Tub is OPEN!


On that note, I’m off for a dip right now! Bliss!

Has your week gotten off to a good start?






26 thoughts on “Double – Double Digits

    1. We have one of those inflatable hot tubs: it does the job! Definitely the top buy of 2013! 🙂

  1. Totally jealous of the hot tub!
    Can’t believe your wedding is so close. I know everyone says it, but do make sure you stop and enjoy the day – it will be over in a flash!

  2. Happy you enjoyed the “Hottie” haha And glad it could be part of your wind down after a busy day. Hope there was some wine to go with that since it seems like you both rocked your run.
    I love that you guys run together.
    Happy hot tubing it!

    My week has been good and busy and the sun is shining. I feel good.

  3. Are you going to have a post where you ask for marriage tips/advice? I will kick it off in true running style…remember that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint (ha!) And that you will go through peaks and valleys! And that the first 50 years are the hardest (a magnet that we gave my in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary.) 🙂 And most important, that it’s a wonderful blessing to share your life with your best friend…

    1. Oh, thanks so much for that! I’ll definitely be doing a post about advice now- thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I cant read what that box says, because I dont speak welch, but is that those fancy edible underpants Ive heard so much about?:) Nice work on the run, Im jealous of the hot tub, and I cant wait to hear all about the wedding!!:)

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