World Book Day

World Book Day

*Non running post alert*

Bookworm. Readaholic. Geek.

Yup, as I child I’d heard them all. You could always find me with my nose in a book, and often still can.

Memories of squinting in the sun, or reading in bed until the letters were almost illegible as darkness fell and they blended into the page itself. Sometimes sneaking a torch and reading under the covers.

Why did we not have a World Book Day then?

Fortunately , we do now. It gives folks like me a chance to reminisce a little. And if I could dress up as a character from one of my favourites, I’d struggle to choose. Here are some of my favourites:

These are all covers I remember well. What are your childhood favourites?

5 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Oh I LOVED The Enormous Turnip. Also Little Red Hen. I was a real Enid Blyton girl and read The Secret Seven/Famous Five/Malory Towers/St Clare’s over and over and over! This has just reminded me that when I was interviewed for my PGCE I had to give a presentation on a subject of my choice. I did a kind of “reading autobiography” where I traced my life through my reading. I wish WBD had been a thing when we were growing up.

    1. What a brilliant topic! I was the same- it was hard to limit Enid Blyton books to two. I almost picked Chicken Little as my Ladybird book, there were lots to choose from!

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