Home from the Hen

Home from the Hen

I’m home!

We’ve had a brilliant weekend: as predicted, we had lots of fun, food, drinks and laughs. We had a blast!

Saturday night was party night, and it was fantastic! I’m only sharing one pic, though…


What happens on the hen, says on the hen 😉

Yesterday was a day for recovering relaxing, including a visit to the spa, with its range of various saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi, outdoor pool and other pampering areas. Bliss.

Of course, that was quickly followed by more food, drink, music and laughs!

Today, we’ve traveled home, and I think I could sleep for a week; running will have to keep for tomorrow.

Six days until the Great Scottish Run, now, roll on another busy weekend!

16 thoughts on “Home from the Hen

  1. Glad you are home. I can’t read your post because WordPress keeps putting me into a loop. I can only see that Saturday night was fantastic! Glad to hear. I’ll check back and hopefully be able to finish!!!

  2. What a great place for a Hen do. Sorry for the boring question, but where do you go for “party” time on the night? And do they mind having hens there? I know we’ve had some problems before (not at CP I hasten to add!) so it would be great to know that they are Hen-Friendly!

    1. We had to book into CP as a ‘birthday’ party, but all the staff knew it was a hen, and we’re fine about it.
      We headed into Penrith on the Sat night; we went to a pub which had a reserved section for us, and a nightclub that also gave us a VIP area: they knew it was a hen and it was all booked in advance- they were really welcoming, I’d recommend it! 🙂

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