Reading and Running

Reading and Running

Today’s run was a bit of a disaster. We set out to do a half mile warm up, a fast mile, and a half mile cool down. When we reached the half mile mark, I set off like a hare out of a trap (well, for me. Normal speed for most), thinking I was doing some sprints. After 30 seconds, I remembered that I was supposed to sustain my pace for a mile- not. a. chance.

I’d set off so fast that my heart rate was crazy, so I had to do a short walk to bring it down. And to shout at myself for being so daft! I set off again for the last 3/4 mile, at a more sensible speed!

@TheWelshWookie had a great run- he ran a great mile!

This arrived in the post today:


I’m so excited! This year’s Great Scottish Run has only two start waves: green and pink. We’re in the green wave, which goes first. I wonder if that’s because us slowbies need a head start? Surely I’m not in the faster wave?

Tonight, I’ll be delving into this:


It’s the long awaited sequel to The Shining! I re-read The Shining on Saturday, so I’m ready to get stuck right in 😀

Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, 1 mile run in the middle

Time: 19:45

Trainers: Lunar Racers

Weather: cloudy, and still warm. Might be my last vest run of the year!

I listened to a Jillian Michael’s pod cast again today, instead of music 🙂

Today’s Life Lesson: Spread sheets are sources of pain and torture.

What are you reading?