The Only Way is UP

The Only Way is UP

You probably know that I love my fitness trackers. I jumped straight in there years ago, when Nike lit up the market with their FuelBand. I LOVED mine!

 Or I did, until it corroded and burned my arm 😦

But Nike replaced it, this time for the newly released white one. Until that stopped working. So they replaced that one too.  

Then, the third one conked out. But Nike had brought out the FuelBand SE so there were no more swaps (even though I reckon three bands in a short space of time, given the cost, is not a good record, Nike) 😦

So I’ve been eyeing up options for the past few months. And while I’m *hinting* for an Apple Watch, I know there will be times I’m not with my phone, or it runs out of charge, or I won’t risk wearing it. I still *need* a tracker 😉

I’ve opted for the Jawbone UP 24. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now, and I love it! It’s a lil’ snug (thank you weight gain) but that will be temporary. It links to lots of apps that I use a lot, most importantly it links to MyFitnessPal and do it logs all of my food automatically!

 I’ve also been using UP Coffee, Bounts and a few other apps too. It tracks my calorie intake, my sleep, steps and exercise. The app is so easy to use, and I can tell at a glance where I am with progress at any point in my day 🙂  

The battery life is around 7 days, it’s easy to charge and it charges quickly too.

Does anyone else have an UP band, what do you think about it? Which is your favourite fitness tracker?  

Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last foodie post, so I thought I’d share some of my tasty treats from the last week. My excuse for eating such big portions is:

1. I LOOOVE food

2. I’m back in training, so I need fuel 😉

3. Did I say that I just loveeee food?

I’ve had some lovely, homely and filling mid week dinners, courtesy of @TheWelshWookie. There included his delish turkey chilli with brown rice:


Malay chicken salad:


And turkey pesto wholegrain pasta. Yes, I love turkey 😉


On Saturday, we had soup for lunch. Usually, TheWookie would make his own soup, but we tried out Glorious fresh soup. It was good, I’d definitely recommend it:


But we did have some home made roasted onion bread with it:


And here’s my post-long run snack from Saturday:


I’m hungry just posting the pics! And now I’m off to find out what’s on the menu tonight…

What’s on the menu with you tonight?

Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday

Welcome to the weekend, y’all!

Today, I’ve been thinking about all of those lucky ducks in Orlando, running the various Run Disney races! In particular, I was thinking about PirateBobcat who is half way through the Dopey Challenge.

I’d love to run that! Maybe next year! 😉

This week, I tried had to climb back onto the healthy eating bandwagon, I really did. And I’ve been only partially successful! Here’s some of my eats from this week, and last week:

Here’s the seafood starter we had at the New Year Gala Dinner. It was awesome!
We enjoyed some lovely treats: marinated sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella. Yum!
Here’s an attempt at some healthier eating. It as like a healthy pot noodle, and was delish!
Aren’t these mini hot dogs soooo cute?
Posh chocolate…
Maybe next week I’ll get back on track…. 😉


Last night, as I was making dinner, I realised that it has been a looooong time since I last did a food related post.

And then I realised that I hadn’t really taken many foodie pictures recently. Hmmm. I’ll need to rectify that!

Last night, I had a gorgeous stir fry with zero noodles and honey smoked salmon flakes. It was delicious!

photo 4

And during a recent visit to the cafe, I had chilli nachos. The portion was massive, but that was not a problem for me 😉

photo 3

The only other foodie pics I have to share are of a recent pit stop at Subway, where I had a steak ‘n’ cheese on seven grain oat bread. It tasted better than it looked:

photo 1

And of some pigs ‘n’ blanket crisps. They lasted all of five minutes!

photo 2

I’ll try to remember to do some better foodie posts, promise!