Do You Do Fancy Dress?

Do You Do Fancy Dress?

Do you?

Of course, I’m pretty sure that most serious runners do not do fancy dress when pushing for PBs or wins. But, do you ever run in fancy dress, either for fun running or to raise money for charity?

The reason I ask is because I’ve done two runs in fancy dress this year.

The Color Run UK back in July:


And at the Zombie Night Run on Saturday:


And I’ll admit that neither of these were timed runs. Nor did I run fast (or rather fast for me) in either of these runs.

When I run more seriously, I don’t wear fancy dress. Usually this is because I am pushing myself a little more, and trying to run as best as I can.

Our next race is the Mo-Run in November, and right now I’m planning to run it semi-dressed up: maybe digging my lime green wig out, and donning a mustachioed t shirt 😉

What do you think about running in fancy dress? Yay or nay?

If you think ‘yay’ do you do any training runs in costume?

15 thoughts on “Do You Do Fancy Dress?

    1. Thanks! I agree- I don’t think I could do it dressed as a banana or a hot dog or something like that!

  1. Love the zombie outfit!! I don’t ‘fancy dress’ myself. But I am contemplating wearing some cutsie outfit for the turkey trot 5k this year! Of course when I finally do a Disney marathon I will have to dress like a princess 😉

  2. I run in costumes when I do mud runs, and in one (drunk) 5k. Other races, I’m all business. However, I was wondering if I should wear costumes in the first three races of the Dopey Challenge to help remind me to take it easy and save as much as possible for the final day – 26.2! What should I wear for the 5k, 10k, 13.1?

    1. Oh, now there’s a thought! You could do three of the other dwarves? Or hughie then dewie then louie? The possibilities!

  3. I like to run the races that are dress up with my kids! We recently did the strip and run, which sounds bad! Really, you were supposed to layer as many clothes you had and you would slowly drop pieces of your clothing at each of the four stations. All the clothes went to charity, we looked like fools, and we had a blast!

  4. I believe in having fun while running – not all races have to be run with a PB in mind. In fact, I think it would be quite unhealthy to run every race with a challenging finish time in mind. These outfits are awesome and you had a great time, so that’s totally cool! =)

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