Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

How has your Monday been?

Have you been for a run yet today? Struggling to get out that door?


Hope that helps you 😀

8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. My Monday was awesome thanks!
    No run because I’m having a few days off after a marathon, but I did do a bit of swimming in the beautiful water off the coast of Mallorca. I’m going to call it ‘active recovery’ but really I’m just enjoying not needing to run right now!

      1. I’m a lucky guy. One of the benefits to flying away to race is the holiday afterwards!

      2. I’m looking forward to that in April, when we run the RnR half in Madrid: we have a whole six days afterwards to relax 🙂

      3. Wow that sounds great! I’ve run the Madrid marathon and it is a fantastic route. All the bands, music, dancers and supporters make a huge difference!
        Your six days afterwards will be a treat as well I’m sure!

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