Another New Addition…

Another New Addition…

My fitness suite spare bedroom is coming along nicely. I’ve told you about the ‘mill, which has been kitted out with the TV on the wall, and the surround sound 😛

Well, there’s a new addition:

photo 2 (1)

Yip! We’re now the proud owners of a rowing machine!

@TheWelshWookie and I have been talking recently about doing more cross training: I definitely don’t do enough. We talked about how a rowing machine would be great for me, as my upper body strength is nil not what it should be, and that a rower would be good for combining some leg work with upper body and cardio. And what happened next? You’re right: someone was selling one locally. It almost fell into our laps!

So, @TheWelshWookie and I collected it last night, and tonight I gave it a test run.

So far, so good! 😀

It sits nicely next to the treadmill, yoga mat, swiss ball, free weights and resistance bands.

Has anyone else accidentally ended up with a home fitness suite? 😉

20 thoughts on “Another New Addition…

  1. That’s starting to look like an impressive wee gym! You might want to think about putting some kind of mat under the rowing machine and/or treadmill – you’ll be surprised (and grossed out..nah, we’re used to it!!) at how much sweat comes off you! I know it’s gross – I only noticed because mine are in a utility type room that has tiled floors. p.s. LOVED the movember run outfit 🙂

    1. Thanks! That’s a great suggestion- I hadn’t even thought about that! I lifted a large,old rug before putting the equipment down; I think I’ll just put it back 😉

  2. I own a rower! LOVE IT!!!! Although for the first year and a half, it gathered dust in the corner. But then I got a stress fracture and couldn’t run. The rower and I became fast friends. And I still get on it for an hour + twice a week. I will say this much – it will give you fantastic arms and back! Congrats on joining the rowing club!

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