On My Way Today

On My Way Today

I’ve been saying how the weather has turned cold and wintry recently. I though that, today, I’d show you.

And so, I took a couple of snaps to and from Helensburgh today. Also, because the scenery is lovely 😉

Here’s a view looking down Loch Fyne, from Lochgilphead. You can see the Isle of Arran in the distance. #nofilter20131121-150959.jpg

This picture is of the snow peaked Arrochar Alps, just peeking out behind the hill, as you leave Inveraray:20131121-151109.jpg

And here’s Inveraray itself:20131121-151153.jpg

These next two pics are of Loch Long, from Arrochar at the head of the Loch:20131121-151237.jpg


And this final pic is of the helicopter taking equipment to the guys at the Rest and Be Thankful, who are still working to reduce the landslips. The traffic was stopped both ways to allow the helicopter to fly right in, in front of me 🙂20131121-151452.jpgSo, after my four hours in the car, I’m looking forward  to hammering the treadmill and rower tonight.

Then, it’s time to pack for another weekend away, and for a glass of vino 😉

What was  your commute like today?

Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday

It’s been a while since I shared some of my good and bad foodie choices with you. So, I thought I’d do a bit of a tasty photodump today, so you can see what kind of stuff has been fuelling my runs recently.

I must be honest- there’s probably much more ‘naughty’ in there than there should be!

There’s the good:

IMG_2443 IMG_2159 IMG_2255

The bad:

IMG_2237 IMG_2387 IMG_2270 IMG_2453

And the down right ugly (but tasty!):


But I’m back on track this week, I promise!

I was recently nominated by the wonderful runningtoherdreams  for the Shine On award 😀

I really want to post about this separately- so it’s coming soon, as I want to do it justice. Also my Cumberland Pie is now ready 😉 Don’t judge me- it’s almost winter!!

A Dublin Photodump

A Dublin Photodump

Today, I’ll not be running. I’m going to take a day off, just to keep my legs fresh for Saturday. I’m really looking forward to the Perth Kilt Run, as I’m running with @TheWelshWookie, my bro, sis-in-law and nephew 😀

Today’s Stats

Run: no, stretching is my limit today. I’ll do NTC, probably Kara Goucher.

Surprise tune I heard at random this morning: FLC, I hadn’t heard this for aaages!

In order to free up some memory on my iPhone, I thought I’d clear out a load of stuff upload some of my pics from Dublin.

We managed to squish in quite a lot of sightseeing. On Sunday, we did loads of shopping:

photo (21)photo (5)photo (17)

We also did tour of the Aviva Stadium, aka Landsdowne Road. As a huuuuge rugby fan, @TheWelshWookie was really pleased about this!

photo (4)

After the race on Monday, we visited the Guiness Storehouse, which was great fun. Here’s the view from the Gravity Bar:

photo (13) photo (8)

And then headed to the Temple Bar area of the city:

photo (11)

On Tuesday, before we flew home, we visited Trinity College.

tphoto (1)

We had a brilliant walking tour around campus, then we saw the Book of Kells, which is beautiful. It was written by monks on the Isle of Iona, in Argyll, don’t you know? 🙂 The visit also includes entry to the old library which blew me away, it was so impressive. It looked like something from a film set!

photo (12)

And I couldn’t finish my Dublin adventure without sharing these famous watercourses:

photo (4)photo (18)

Today’s life lesson: don’t spill baked beans down a silk dress. It’s a nightmare to get out!

What random pics have you taken recently?