Let’s Do Lunch

Let’s Do Lunch

Today, as I was having my lunch, I was thinking about how predictable this meal is for me. I’m a creature of habit. I don’t deny it 😉

I’m very fortunate, as we have a staff canteen on site. And almost every day I have soup for lunch. There’s always a choice of two home made soups available, and there’s a great range of flavours which staves off boredom.
I also find that this keeps me going until my run when I get home from work.

Despite my understanding of how counter productive it can be, I tend to eat my lunch at my desk, while working. I know, I know the benefits of taking a break, and I’m the first to tell everyone else to walk away and have a proper break, but I struggle to do it myself!

Tonight, I got in a great four mile run, in lovely weather once again! So, that’s another 6.44 kilometres, totalling 11.47k for the week so far, and 40.25 for the month.

So, how’s your lunch? What do you have? Do you take a break?


26 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch

  1. Working from home means eating on lap top! Porridge for brekkie, with fruit if I have some and as I am trying to cut down on bread lunch is ryvita and low fat cheese triangles, if I am feeling daring I add cucumber!

  2. I have the same thing each week..that would be whatever I have prepared on Sunday. I typically have the same snacks as well cause that way I know MyFitnessPal will like me. haha I have been good since March 3 getting back on it except for posting on Sunday.

  3. My lunch is always pasta that I make the night before. I could buy something at work (school dinners!) but it either wouldn’t be enough for me right now or wouldn’t have the right nutrients to support my training. Ok, so I love my food and take it very seriously lol!

    1. Sounds great! I really hope you’re back running soon- you’ve had a tough time with it!

  4. I usually have left overs from the night before or make a sandwich for lunch. I only take a 1/2 hour lunch to work out and eat my meal while working. I can take an hour but it’s just too much and i’d rather leave early (when I can).
    You’re getting those km up there! Awesome job!

  5. I’m such a creature of habit too – and I actually used to eat at my desk, but with the door closed. I’d read some blogs and it was the break I needed!

  6. I almost always eat the same sandwich for lunch – except today I had a salad in an effort to will spring along. I also eat at my desk usually reading some running blogs. Definite creature of habit.

  7. Great job on your run!! I usually switch up my lunch…sometimes a vegan burger, or veggies, smoothies, etc. I get bored easily when I eat the same stuff.

  8. I have to take a break, it helps me regain the sanity I need for my second half of the work day! I am definitely a creature of habit though, I eat the same thin bread turkey sandwich for lunch every day! It’s just out of laziness and convenience! Haha

  9. We’re luck enough to have a cafeteria in our office so I can choose from any number of things. I’ll typically go for the salad bar, or a turkey sandwich…sometimes a little something more if I’m having a treat or they’ve fixed something special for a holiday or something like that. We eat down there for our hour lunch too, to stay away from the “cube farm”. Once it’s a little warmer, I imagine we’ll spend 1/2 eating, 1/2 going for a walk though.

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