Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to another fresh week, laid in front of us, ready for us to run all over it!

I think that the sunshine today has gone to my head 😉 We’ve has a lovely day here on the west coast of Scotland!

And so, it wasn’t difficult to head out for my  Around the World Running Blog Relay run tonight!  I got in a speedy-for-me 3 miles, which felt great after Saturday’s long run.  That’s 4.83 kilometres in the bag for week two, and a total of 33.81K for March so far. I can’t believe how far we ran during week one: you can check out Kyla’s week one recap here!

How has your day gone?


17 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I actually had sunglasses on as I drove to work this morning. SUNGLASSES! A few weeks ago it was permanently dark so I hope this is the beginning of better weather – I could get used to sunshine,

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