POTM Confession Time

POTM Confession Time

It’s time to ‘fess up. We’re now nearing the end of the Pile on the Miles challenge, and I’m off target, with little chance of recovering- unless I somehow fit in a couple of marathons this week.


I had initially planned to achieve 150K this month. It looks like my mileage will be closer to 100K 😦

Thanks, padres- I feel better now I’ve gotten that out in the open! The main reason for my short mileage is a combination of being a wuss and not running in the dark, along with busy weekends away with no running, and with busier-than-usual evenings too.


So, I’m going to celebrate what I have achieved, and not get too downhearted. After all, we all know:


How have your November challenges gone?

25 thoughts on “POTM Confession Time

  1. You’ve got the right attitude!! Challenges like these are great for motivation but sometimes life gets in the way. But 100K is way more than the majority, sat at home doing nothing, and therefore should be celebrated. 🙂

  2. I agree that running 100km is a great achievement regardless of your initial plans. Goals are sometimes helpful, but they should not become our prisons, especially when they revolve around our hobbies. Running is your time to relax and do something good for yourself, so don’t ever feel guity about something you haven’t achieved when you have achieved so much already! Well done!

  3. Ever since it started getting cold, I have been dragging ass! It takes every ounce of my good brain t get my lazy one moving! I applaud your 100k! It almost motivates me! 🙂

  4. I have never actually tallied my km’s ran per month but that is a good idea. Or even setting a goal at the beginning of the month to reach a target amount. Maybe that will be something I make as a new goal for 2014.

    Like it and way to go on 100k! Whoop!

      1. Straight and narrow are good. I like to try new things so this should be good.
        Was there some special way you picked your number or was it just random? And was the number the same each month or more as the year went on?

      2. I planned on running 5K per day in November, so my target was 150K in total 🙂
        I did that this month because I only had one race at the start of the month: other monthly mileage would depend on where my training was for my next races(s) 😉

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