Being Thankful.

Being Thankful.

I think I may have been born on the wrong continent. I LOVE Thanksgiving; it is so powerful!


While many of you are celebrating, holidaying and having family time, I’ll be working: but I’ll be thankful for that. I’ll be thinking about all of my own blessings, and those of my family today.

I’ll then be heading home to share in your traditions: good food, good company and football.


So, whatever you are doing, and whomever you are spending it with: enjoy. My thankful blessings are with you all!

14 thoughts on “Being Thankful.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from the other continent! Will you be sharing in our other tradition? We give thanks for all we have and then run to the stores at midnight and buy EVERYTHING because apparently we don’t have enough…..
    I don’t share in that second tradition. I don’t care how great the sales are – nothing is worth fighting the crowds in the middle of the night for a cheap tv. I’m thankful for sleep!

    1. I agree with you! Having said that, I have been browsing the on-line Black Friday deals 😉 no spending yet, though!

  2. You’re more than welcome to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of us across the pond! The more, the merrier!! Plus it gives us more reason to eat.

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