Scrambled Eggs- My Way!

Scrambled Eggs- My Way!

I love scrambled eggs. I love them!


I thought I’d share my quick tips on making the best eggs, but then I thought – does everyone know the bottle trick for removing the yolks, without making a mess, or taking forever?

Well, I’ve made a very short clip to show you how!

Start off with your eggs in a bowl, or jug, or whatever. I used 5 eggs today: but only one yolk.


Use the bottle technique to remove four of the egg yolks:

Sorry- I forgot to turn my iPhone when filming, so it looks like it’s been taken through a letter box 😦

Then whisk:


Add a spot of soy milk


And whisk again


Now, usually I’d pour it into a pan, and stir until scrambled. But, we have a new microwave, which was calling me. So for the first time ever, and after 3 minutes, I had microwaved scrambled eggs!


I put them on top of my toast, and sprinkle with ground black pepper and chilli flakes:


Delish! Enjoy!