My First Photodump :)

My First Photodump :)

I thought I’d share some of my phone pics from the past 10 days or so, that didn’t make it onto the blog. Most are from my trip to London for The Color Run UK.

Enjoy! 😉


This chalkboard was in the ladies’ loo in Brewdog, Camden. Love it!


And this was the tip jar at The World’s End pub… it made me smile 🙂


We had a little drink here, in The Hawley Arms, which was a pub that Amy Winehouse frequented.


On our walk back from Camden to London Bridge, we came across this set design store- full of all kinds of weird and wonderful objects!


Hugging the London Underground anniversary statue…

IMG_1712 IMG_1717 IMG_1715

I’m hoping that you can name all three of these London landmarks…

IMG_1719 IMG_1721 IMG_1725

Proof that we hired Boris’ Bikes, and cycled around Hyde Park 🙂

IMG_1766 IMG_1765

And, when I arrived home, the garden was blooming!

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