The Ghost Village

The Ghost Village

During our recent trip to Portavadie,  we spent the afternoon visiting Argyll’s Ghost Village, Polphail.

During the late ’60s/early ’70s, Scotland was in the midst of the North Sea Oil boom. And, deep water was needed for the construction of oil rigs. As Loch Fyne is a particularly deep sea loch, some folks thought that it would be an ideal site for constructing these platforms.

And so, money was invested and a whole village, Polphail, was built near Tighnabruaich to house the workers.

But the work never materialised.

And the village was never inhabited.

Now, it lies in ruins, a weird blot on the picturesque, wild, west coast landscape.

But, I love it!

@TheWelshWookie and I visited it with my parents, and with my nephew Ryan. We had a great day, adventuring!

Would you like to see some pictures?















Back to tonight: I’ve done 20 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the rower and my plank-a-day. Today’s a rest day from the squat challenge 😉

Have you visited any derelict buildings or places?

23 thoughts on “The Ghost Village

    1. Some of it was beautiful!

      I’m smiling as I type- I’m the same! I struggle drawing stick figures!

  1. Excellent post. I’d love to go on a similar adventure one day. Also just thought I’d add, there’s a restaurant near me called Loch Fyne! Didn’t realise it was actually a real loch!

      1. That’s the one- we call it the Oyster bar, but that’s seafood and grill is the proper name! Hope the food is as good as it is here!

  2. Great photos. interesting post 🙂 There are old mining towns on the west coast of Tasmania that are now derelict. It doesn’t take long for nature to take over and reclaim the area. Same with a few old farm houses around here in the central north.

  3. I was really confused the first time I saw Polphail – it just seemed so out of place and just weird. I’m pretty sure the attractive grafitti wasn’t there then – but we are going back a few years!

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