Let’s be clear – the #ScottishConservatives lied about #foodsafety in schools

Let’s be clear – the #ScottishConservatives lied about #foodsafety in schools

Patrick Mackie

I’m a patient old Hector, but five weeks is plenty long enough for me to wait for the Scottish Conservatives to offer up the evidence behind their unfounded assertions about food safety in Scottish school kitchens. They may well be right in thinking that I’m an insignificant blogger – and my stats wouldn’t disagree – but that’s not the point. I care about evidence-based environmental health, and I care about the press and the public being given accurate information based on reliable sources about food safety and other matters of public health interest. In fact, it’s more important that the press are given accurate information, because the majority of media outlets simply don’t have either the scientifically-trained staff, the time or the inclination to check the assertions that are presented to them as facts.

And this is where the Scottish Conservatives fall down. I’m going to reiterate the whole sorry…

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One thought on “Let’s be clear – the #ScottishConservatives lied about #foodsafety in schools

  1. It is extremely poor to say the very least that you haven’t had a reply to your enquiry from the Scottish Conservatives. That tells you something in itself.

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