The Playlist Swap

The Playlist Swap

Tonight, I headed out for my second dry run in a row for ages! I was running four miles, and so I was able to listen to some of Girl Runs Wild‘s running playlist. I was very excited!

The first forty five minutes worth of music is a really great mix, all of which I really enjoyed. It included:

  • the theme from Flashdance
  • a good smattering of Country music
  • some old skool James tracks
  • some Katie Melua

And, as I finished my four miles, I was running to Roar by Katy Perry! Yay!

20140304-190039.jpg 20140304-190031.jpg

I’m looking forward to hearing more! As I think of some of the sad tracks on my own playlist, I think I’ve benefited from this swap! It was great to be able to run, and have no idea what music was coming next. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this aspect of my run tonight.

So, I’ve added to my  Around the World Running Blog Relay mileage: another 4 miles, or 6.44 kilometres, for a total of 11.27 kilometres so far 🙂

What’s your favourite running track?

30 thoughts on “The Playlist Swap

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I must admit that I caught myself cringing more than once over the past week at the thought of someone else listening to my very very random running music! But ultimately, all those songs tend to make me feel happy and bouncy, which is the whole point. I hope they’ll do the same for you! =D

    1. It’s been a real treat! Sometimes I enjoy running with no music, no playlist. That always feels like a treat!

      1. I have a hand-me-down ipod from the offspring, it sits in the kitchen in my docking station but I’ve just never got around to taking it running… I should one day to see what it’s like 🙂

      2. Oh, you really should! I just love when an upbeat song comes on just when I need it most! 🙂

  2. I don’t usually listen to music while running but when I need to get pumped up it’s dance music all the way! Titanium by David Guetta or Daft Punk’s Get Lucky are my current faves.

  3. I love the song Roar. When she sing’s “I am the Champion” I bring my arms up like I am showing off muscles and I am a champion. I will even do that when running alone. LOL

    1. Ha! I do that all the time on the dreadmill! During the Winter Olympics, I also ‘celebrated’ every medal winning performance in a similar way…….. 😉

  4. I got a dry run tonight too – hurrah!
    I’m loving Roar just now too and my other favourite running track is On a Mission by Gabriella Cilmi. For cheese, it has to be Eye of the Tiger, but I do sometimes catch myself doing little punches while I run then remember that other people can see me lol!

  5. Pretty scenery! I don’t listen to music when running, but before going out I always listen to Pantera, ACDC or Bad Religion for a pump-me-up.

  6. I have a few favourites – Eminem – Lose Yourself, Pendulum – Propane Nightmares, Queen – Breakthru (great, fast beat), DJ Fresh – Louder (I challenge you NOT to run faster towards the end of the track) and Runrig – Loch Lomond (Hampden Remix) 🙂

    1. Some great choices there, Steve: I don’t have Loch Lomond, but I will do by the end of this evening! 😉

  7. I went for the Hampden Remix as they used the Tartan Army as backing vocals and recorded it for Children in Need and I have a funny feeling I was at the Scotland game they recorded it at 🙂

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