CowalFest 5K: Done!

CowalFest 5K: Done!

Well, we’ve had a fantastic trail run today: the weather was perfect!
I’ll post a full race report later, but there was A HILL. A MEGA HILL.

Right now, we’re watching Harry Potter with my nephews 🙂


12 thoughts on “CowalFest 5K: Done!

  1. What a coinkidink! I’m about to watch HP with the toddler. BTW, I ran with a dude today who just ran a 100 mile run in Colorado from 10 K feet to 14 K feet. I felt guilty complaining about hills! It’s all relative!

    1. Wow- that’s an impressive run! HP is the best: we watched the second movie last night, and the third is ready to go tonight!

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