Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday

I’m still trying to keep on top of my eating, and yesterday I shared a pic of the sea bass I had at The Sister’s restaurant.

Here’s some more of my yummy recent treats!

Yes, I think I AM addicted to these Food Doctor pots:


Yet more yummy salmon salad:


A mid week, home made turkey and mushroom curry with wholegrain rice:


A ‘good girl’ dessert:


Here’s the fillet steak I had recently at The Grill on the Corner. We had it with a side of brussel sprouts. Yummy, yum!

20140128-191647.jpg 20140128-191637.jpg

What have you been eating recently?

13 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. For me right now I am always thinking about sushi. I would love to just sit down and order a bunch of different rolls and some gyoza.

    If we had a Whole Foods near me I would be there too. Their meals are delish.

      1. We ended up having sushi after my osteopath appointment. I thought it was funny cause I had made this comment earlier. 🙂 I didn’t pig out but had two delish rolls.

  2. I ate at a new place last night for devour downtown….it’s where alot of the fancy places discount their prices and serve yo 3-4course meals. I had a really good yellow fish tuna, veggies in teriyaki, cheesecake, and some fabulous wine! Delicious!!:)

  3. How good is the Sisters?!? I’ve only been once when I visited Glasgow but it was A.Mazing!

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